Open: Mon – Fri 08.00 – 22.00 hrs, Sat 08.00 – 17.30 hrs, Sun 08.00 – 13.00 hrs (owners of liveries until 17.30 hrs).

Manege de Westkustruiters is a registered ***FNRS riding school and has a Stichting Veilige Paardensport safety certificate. Our staff are trained to look after your safety at all times. We have two first-aiders on site. The riding school is run by Frank, Annet and Mariska Verseveldt. Our facilities include an inside and outdoor arena, a cosy tea room (we call it the canteen) with kiddy’s corner and an outside play area, a terrace with beautiful views, a small but well-stocked tack shop and plenty of opportunities to ride out. The Westkustruiters Shop sells all the riding equipment you might need: safety helmets, boots, brushes, gloves, horse candy and attractive ‘horsy’ gifts. Why not buy your child a mug with a photograph of his or her favourite horse, or a sweater with our logo?


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Group lessons
Our knowledgeable staff are trained to teach in English. We have group lessons from Monday to Saturday for all ages, from beginners to experienced riders. We can accommodate up to nine riders per lesson with similar experience. The minimum age for a group lesson is 8 years.

We value our horses and believe that handling them with care and love improves your riding experience. That is why we encourage you to saddle your own horse. Of course brushing and cleaning the hooves is also part of the ritual. Please take your time and plan a 20-minute period before your lesson starts. We are happy to help.

Private lessons
Private lessons are taught Monday to Friday. It is a good way to start your riding career or pick up those rusty skills. One-to-one tuition provides you with the opportunity to really experience the joys of horseriding. There is time to practice specific skills and any questions you might have will be dealt with with your particular situation in mind. Useful if you wish to gain more confidence, improve your seat or prepare for a competition. Children wanting to gain a basic level before entering a group lesson greatly benefit from a few half-hour private lessons.

Jumping lessons
We regularly organise jumping lessons on Sundays. A few weeks before a jumping lesson you can enter your name (and favourite horse) on the list near the canteen entrance.

Riding out
We are located close to the beach. Why not put your acquired skills to the test during a lovely ride in the dunes or on the beach? In the summer we regularly organise beach rides or a shorter ride in the vicinity of Wassenaar. The village has many bridal paths and Valkenburg Lake is just round the corner.

Prices per person

Group lesson child € 19,00
Group lesson grown-up € 21,00
Private lesson (30 minutes) € 27,00
Private lesson with more than one person (30 minutes) € 19,00
Block of 10 lessons child € 175,00
Block of 10 lessons grown-up € 185,00
Block of 6 private lessons € 155,00



Livery includes:

Standard size stable : 3 x 3m (€ 380 per month)
Large stable : 3 x 4m (€ 430 per month)
Feeding : four times a day
Mucking out (straw bedding) : daily
Lockers : two

We have a lockable tack room, covered area for horse grooming and hosing down, paddocks, fields with limited grazing, and horseboxes for rent.



Manege de Westkustruiters regularly organises all sorts of events and competitions. There is the annual Ienieminidag (Tiny Tod Day) for children from 2 to 8 years old. Your child will spend the afternoon getting to know the horses, stroking, brushing, and petting them and maybe even going for a short ride. * The Family competition entails a pas de deux, usually with a parent and child. There are two dressage tests to choose from and you can pick your favourite horse to ride. If you like you can bring your own music and dress up! * Enter in the Lootjes competition to ride a dressage test on a mystery horse! * Once or twice a year we organise introductory courses (5 lessons for € 65). * Pony camps during the summer holidays.

Own a Horse Day
To own a horse is many people’s dream. During the school holidays we can give you an idea what that entails. You rent a horse for a day and are free to groom and handle it, and walk around the yard with it for as long as you like. And as a special bonus you get to ride it for two hours!



Looking for new customers or an inexpensive way to advertise? Why not put up your sign in our inside arena. Contact Mariska for more details.